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Latest trick on getting unlimited web traffics

Latest trick on getting unlimited web traffics
There are lot of blogger/website owner have blog or website. But they are not get traffic her site and paid traffic are more costly. Lot of tricks are here in internet that help you boost your website traffic.But sometime that tricks not good for our website if you have google adsense or other good ads publisher. Today i will share you top 5 tips that help you boost traffic on your website - 1. A Facebook Profile 2. Google Plus Profile 3. Use Traffic Exchange Site 4. Write Content 500+ word 5. Comment Related Website Facebook Profile : At first collect a NID/Driving License/School Registration Form that not your own or any other (must your country). You can find that easily on google or other search engine. Sample Below - 1. First Day : Sign up facebook same name, birth date and religion of your collected NID or other form. And that must be a woman.Upload a profile picture any girls and upload a cover photo. Add your profile details as same NID. 2. Second Day : Send at last 50 friend request. And send 20 groups adding request.Which member is more then 10k. 3. Third Day : Send 50 friend request. And 20 group adding request.Which member is more then 10k. Comment friend post. 4. 4th Day : You can see 4th day so many friend request are coming. Accept friend request not more then 50. Continue follow this step, after 10 days you can see your friend almost 1500+ and friend request 1000+. And 6th days you can accept 100 request daily. And finally A time you can get your 5000 facebook friend. I know 5000 friend are not active, But 500-600 friend are always active they are your site visitor.If facebook blocked or want your NID then upload that NID form which is you collected. Write good content daily and share your site link.I hope you can get 200-300 visitor every post. Facebook is the best way to get visitor everyday. But this step very easy you can get lot of visitor everyday but no guarantee...!! because facebook blocked fake account most of the time. If you know some tricks then you can avoid blocked facebook account. Google Plus : Google plus are same as facebook follow facebook instruction. Traffick Exchange Site : This is another way for come visitor your site. But only a visitor landing 30 sec in your site this step. But you can get some customer useing this step. Click here and follow instruction. Write Content 500+ Word : You have a blog/website and that have some post. Remember your every post at last 500+ word and that content must be unique. And that content not located in other website. Search engine always follow good content and big content.You can get unlimited visitor by google/bing/yahoo if your content was good. Comment Related Website : This is another good way for get visitor. If your website is software related, then there are more website in internet on software related. You can comment there website for given solution and comment footer add your link...EX- to get more help come our site.Its good if you do 10 comments a day. You can try this option here. This is a traffic exchange site. But if you add adsense on your site then avoid it.
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Created at 2017-04-11

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