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Option building tools

Various options for the current page
Multiple delete
Delete multiple building tool blocks
Move blocks
Rearange the blocks on the page
Preview the page via xtgem
This is not a direct link some items may not work in this preview
Page CSS editor
Internal CSS stylesheet editor
Description keywords and text color are broken on the touch template
Page title
Set the pages title
The title on new pages will initaily be set to the default title set in site options
Page description
Set the pages meta description
This description will override the default description set in site options
Page keywords
Set the search keywords for the page These keywords will override the default keywords set in site options
Set a background color
Legacy setting avoid using
Set a text color
Legacy setting avoid using
Page class
Only classes set in globalstylesheet.css or the pages internal stylesheet will appear in this menu
Include _header
Include the _header file on this page
Include _footer
Include the _footer file on this page
Include global
Use the global stylesheet on this page
Include xtgem_template.css
Use the xtgem template on this page

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Created at 2017-04-11

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